Jeff Lynne & Idle Race en vinilo (segunda parte)

Continuación del repaso a los LP´s de vinilo de Idle Race en los que aparece Jeff Lynne.

Primera reedicion del primer LP de Idle Race; Birthday Party.
Se trata de una edicion de UK, de 1976, del sello SUNSET Records (SLS 50381). Tambien cuenta con una edicion en cassete (TCT 50381).
En la contraportada, aparece el siguiente texto, en relación a “la fiesta de cumpleaños” de la banda:
“La selección musical para la ocasion, fue especialmente compuesta e interpretada por The Idle Race, e incluye algunas joyas musicales…”

Birthday Party. UK (1976) Sunset Records SLS 50381

A continuación, otra curiosa reedición inglesa de 1989 del Birthday Party, usando esta vez como portada y contraportada, el fotomontaje interior de la edicion original UK. En la contraportada, en la esquina superior derecha, aparece una foto de esta edicion original.
Pertenece al sello C- Five Records (C5 – 536).
Esta edicion así como la del sello Sunset de 1976, no tiene ningun cambio o alteracion de las canciones, respecto a la version original.

Birthday Party. UK (1989) C5 Records C5 -536

Texto completo del LP Birthday Party, reedicion de C-5 Records del 89.
Way Back in the sixties long before Jeff Lynne and ELO had become household names, one of Birmingham’s premier groups were Idle Race, whose personnel comprised Jeff Lynne (gtr/vocs); Dave Pritchard (gtr/vocs); Greg Masters (bass/vocs); and Roger Spencer (drums). Formerly the Night Riders, they were perhaps the ultimate psychedelic band, their impressive, complex songs weaving intricate musical patterns whicht simultaneously mirroed the images and atmosphere created by the best leading contemporary stylists (e.g. Ray Davies/early Pink Floyd) whilst at the same time previewing sounds/styles which Lynne would not create for another 10 years or more. But commercial succes evaded Idle Race – and Lynne eventually left in 1970 to join Roy Wood’s Move. However they left behind a priceless legacy of seven magnificent singles and two timeless memorable albums. Lynne of course went on to achieve great things: the Move evolved into the Electric Light Orchestra, a band created to explore a fusion of strings, classical music, and R’n’R – taking rock into on entirely new arena. ELO were an immediate and immeasurable success, quickly establishing themselves as major transatantic stadium fillers and racking up an impressive and unbroken run of platinum singles and albums throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s. Since putting ELO on ice Lynne has become increasingly involved in production – working with Del Shannon, Olivia Newton-John, Dave Edmunds and more recently masterminding George Harrison’s comeback (with saw the Fab One restored to greatness); the equally rewarding Traveling Wilbury’s projet, and Roy Orbison’s ironically sad, posthumous solo success. This is a straightforward reissue of Idle Race’s “The Birthday Party”, their debut album, which contains one of the finest singles released during the 60’s, viz: “The Skeleton & the Roundabout” . It is indeed a mystery and a disgrace that this excellent records was never the hit it deserved to be – to this day it remains among Jeff Lynne’s finest recorded moments.

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