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Lo normal es que nos hagamos eco desde esta web de aquellas películas o series que contienen algún fragmento musical de nuestra banda favorita, “Mr. BLUE SKY” quizá es el más utilizado. Pero, en esta ocasión no se trata de este tipo de guiños a ELO/JEFF. Esta vez se trata de diálogos dentro del guión en el que se nombra a ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, JEFF LYNNEo temas musicales de esta banda.

Y… comenzamos con la película Billy Madison (1995). En el diálogo de esta y concretamente en los minutajes que de indican se escucha:
01:00:30 – – Sure, I’d like that. – OK. Well, I’ll see you around.
01:00:34 – OK. Bye.
01:00:36 – ‘Telephone Line’ by Electric Light Orchestra.
01:01:12 – Speak for yourself, moron.
01:01:16 – Oh, my God! That is funny!

La serie “Doctor Who: Love & Monsters” (2007) contiene:
00:07:15 – I like a drink. I like Spain.
00:07:18 – And if there’s one thing I really, really love,
00:07:22 – then it’s Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra.
00:07:26 – Cos you can’t beat a bit of ELO.

00:07:34 – # The sun is shining in the sky.

The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle (1981):
00:48:07 – At Seven: The Alessi Brothers and Oh Lori.
00:48:10 – At Number six: Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Fanfare for the Common Man.
00:48:14 – At Five: The Electric Light Orchestra – Phone Line.
00:48:16 – Four: Stranglers – Peaches.
00:48:19 – Three: Queen – Lover Boy.

Lights Out: Crossroads (2011):
00:09:16 – Has to be administered by an ophthalmologist.
00:09:22 – …Plays zanzibar daily.
00:09:25 – The fantastic electric light orchestra plays zanzibar daily.
00:09:36 – …Plays zanzibar daily.
00:09:40 – The fantastic electric light orchestra plays zanzibar…

Boy Meets Girl: Episode #1.3 (2009):
00:00:41 – You want to gawp at something? Have a gawp at me!
00:00:44 – I’m a real woman! This is what a real woman looks like.
00:00:55 – RADIO: # ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: Sweet Talkin’ Woman.
00:01:06 – Do you want honey on your toast?
00:01:07 – Or shall I just smear it all over your sexy body?

Densha Otoko: Natsu! Sâfin daitokkun (2005):
00:05:05 – Original Story “Densha Otoko” by Nakano Hitori.
00:05:09 – Script: Takefuji Shougo.
00:05:13 – Openning Theme “Twilight” by Electric Light Orchestra.
00:05:16 – Itou Misaki.
00:05:20 – Itou Atsushi.

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