Transmisiones HERE IS THE NEWS

En la canción «HERE IS THE NEWS», hay bastantes transmisiones tras el fondo del coro. Muchas de ellas difíciles de entender en la canción. Sabemos que JEFF realizó la mayoría de las tomas, aunque no fue el único que lo hizo… esto es lo que dice alguna de ellas:

Spaceworkers dispute in London today.
A lightning strike by air shuttle officers
led to over 2,000 passengers being held up
for up to 10 hours to board flights…

Ten Eurotechnicians were today sentenced
by the justice computer to be banished for life
to the prison satellite Penal One…

Estas serían otras de esas transmisiones de esta misma canción:

(«… shares of RoboCo Development are now climbing…»)
(«… a very great friend of mine…»)
(«… our regular scheduled programs…»)
(«… the latest report from the people down there…»)
(«… a tiny little detail…»)
(«… I’d like to say hello to everybody…»)

(«… the energy counsel today announced…»)
(«… the archbishop is waving to the crowds…»)
(«… the World Broadcasting Authority today announced…»)
(«… I think that’s going to be alright, you’ll have to wait and see…»)
(«… I’ll call you back later…»)

In the song "HERE IS THE NEWS", there are quite a few broadcasts behind the chorus. Many of them difficult to understand in the song. We know JEFF did most of the takes, although he wasn't the only one doing it… here's what some of them say:

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